About Us

The idea for Pinnacus began with a conversation.

A group of experienced upper-level managers were discussing the fallout of a project. They arrived at the conclusion that the project had been unsuccessful due to a lack of attention and customer care in the company. This realization lead them to discuss similar downfalls in other companies they had worked for and worked with. They realized that there was a hole in the staffing industry. None of them had knowledge of a company that placed client satisfaction and customer service as the absolute top priority. Most companies in the staffing industry relied on speed and quantity of placements to make a profit.

This was where the idea of Pinnacus was born: What if, through guaranteed customer satisfaction, we built customer loyalty?

Once our clients saw our focus in quality, not quantity, they would use us and only us for all their placements. Furthermore, they would recommend us to their colleagues. By taking the time and effort to make perfect placements, we can build a reputation that will make us stand out in the industry.

And that is our goal. From the very first day, Pinnacus has been focused on providing excellent customer service. We care about our clients and their time, and we follow up on our placements to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied.

Our commitment to caring has extended from the corporate world into our communities. Pinnacus supports our client’s philanthropic endeavors through donations, resources and volunteer work. In addition to founding our own charitable foundation, we support several charities and charitable endeavors focused on education and development. If you are a client and would like to request our support for your charity, or for more information on our foundation or charities we support, please contact us.

Together, we can build more successful companies and communities.